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Donya Baha'i Jewelry

All fashion jewelry comes with 18 inch chain.

1. Fashion Jewelry
2. Sterling Silver Jewelry
3. Color Zircon pendants
4. Color Zircon pendants (new)
5. Color Zircon rings group 1
6. Color Zircon rings group 2
7. Color Zircon rings (new 1)
8. Color Zircon rings (new 2)

Donya Baha'i Books

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Persian Books B
Persian Books C
New Books
CDs and DVDs

We have a highly reduced book shipping rate for USA addresses.
-Example, a 500 pg book is only $4
-The second book of the same weight or less, total shipping is only $5.
-The third book, total shipping is only $6.
-The fourth book, total shipping is only $6.75.
-It gets lower per book, as the number of books increases.
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